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In 1958 Douglas B. Foote started operating a family owned company in a modest Takapuna garage with a small team of 3 tradesmen.
Today, still family owned, our operations have grown and we now operate from our own modern, purpose built factory at 8 Ascension Place, Rosedale, Auckland.

Our specialties have also grown and we have diversified into other engineering areas that include marine servicing, hydraulics and a full range of stainless hose tails & adapters.

While the products we make have become more complex, our commitment to provide you with top quality production and general machining services at competitive rates has remained unchanged.


We offer to you

Quality Design     Quality Manufacturing     Quality Delivery

To achieve this with every job that we do, our fittings are made to the highest quality, using the best materials, regularly tested and responsibly stocked.   Being ISO 9001:2015 accredited and having audits undertaken annually by BVQI, we are New Zealand's only stainless steel ISO 9001 compliant hydraulic fitting manufacturer.

Hands on experience and know how

To deliver excellence to you with every job, we have the most up-to-date management and production systems.  We also offer you some of the most highly qualified and experienced personnel available.  Experience is what we have, quality is what we craft.  Today we can bring you 198 combined years’ hands-on Douglas B Foote experience.  Hard worn expertise creating the best connections and building the smartest solutions to meet your specific requirements. 

This pragmatic know-how and highly skilled expertise means we can put our hands on designing, developing or delivering the perfect part to meet your needs. Parts you can trust, quality you can feel, connections you can rely on.


Meet our team

Geoffs hands

Geoff Foote

Email: Geoff@dbf.co.nz
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

The son of the founder, Geoff worked his way up through the business and is now owner of Douglas B Foote Ltd.  In his 45 years with the company, Geoff has put his hand to all aspects of design, production, management and customer service. With a wealth of hard earned knowledge to impart, the company’s chairman still enjoys getting his hands dirty on the factory floor with other members of the production team.
Les hands
Les photo

Les Marshal

Sales Manager
Email: Les@dbf.co.nz
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909
Mobile: (027)  452 2140

With 18 years DBF experience, Les is a widely known and well respected figure in the hydraulics industry.  Responsible for both local and export stainless fittings and hose sales, his expertise is in listening closely to understand your precise needs, then providing the perfect solution from the largest stainless steel range in Australasia. And if you require something a little more unique, Les can help clarify your exact requirements so we can start designing your specific solution.
Clives hands

Clive Kelly

Hose & Fittings Sales
Email: Clive@dbf.co.nz
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

Clive has over 30 years experience with Douglas B Foote Ltd, originally working offsite with customers from his mobile hydraulic service van. Clive appreciates the importance in getting critical machinery up and running again and is now responsible for getting your urgent orders picked/packed and ready for immediate delivery, or sooner if needed.
Jeffs hands

Jeff Ripley

Production Manager
Email: Jeff@dbf.co.nz
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

Bringing over 30 years DBF experience as a certified Engineer with a wealth of CAD/CAM design expertise, Jeff helps turn customer concepts and napkin sketches into tangible solutions, representing the very best in design quality, product finish and global industry standards. As Production Manager, Jeff is responsible for all product design and machine shop operations, including our product quality testing. 
Kens hands

Ken McGrath

Marine Hydraulics Contractor
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909
Mobile: (021)  687-791

Ken has 15 years onsite/on-boat experience with DBF.  He’s responsible to find the most reliable, most efficient way to get your boat off the hard and back out to sea. Attending to all marine engineering needs from our mobile service van, Ken works on everything from thirty footers all the way up to super yachts. He uses his vast knowledge to solve the challenges of marine hydraulic installations with everything from DIN to SAE. No problem is too daunting for him to fix, neither is getting a smile from the most demanding of boat owners.
Niams hands

Niam Snyder

CNC Production - Mazak Setter-Operator
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

Niam has been working at Douglas B Foote for over 6 year. To ensure the highest tolerances and as part of our standard quality control process for all fittings we produce, Niam’s attention to detail on your critical components ensures accuracy, consistency and production excellence.
Warren hands

Warren Woodriffe

CNC Production - Mazak Setter-Operator
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

With over a decade’s CNC production experience, Warren operates one of our 5 Mazak machines to produce the stainless fittings that proudly bear the DBF name. His patient and consistent manner, produces and fittings that deliver reliably every time.
Mikes hands

Mike Moore

Fitter & Turner / General Engineering
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

Mike has worked for Douglas B Foote Ltd for 15 years as our onsite certified fitter and turner.  All machining and general engineering challenges unable to be completed on our state of the art CNC machines, are placed in his highly skilled and very capable hands.  Often creating unique or prototype parts at our customer’s requests, Mike also works seamlessly in conjunction with our other CNC machinists, to take production run products and customize them for a perfect fit.
James' hands

James Stillwell

Mazak Setter-Operator
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

James creates products that clearly display excellent workmanship and attention to detail, gained from over 22 years working at Douglas B Foote Ltd.  Whether it’s precision drilling, tapping, cutting or shaping of stainless steel, aluminium or other more exotic metals and materials. James has a wealth of experience in reading and interpreting blueprint designs, turning them into the finished couplings and fittings that keep your business running.
Shona hands

Shona Child

Office Manager
Email: Shona@dbf.co.nz
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

With over 25 years in the business, Shona is responsible for running the Office and ensuring that all accounting practices, clerical activities and database functions flow smoothly and efficiently.  Her knowledge of the business and all customer activity is invaluable in helping focus the DBF team in delivering excellence.
Lesley hands

Lesley Wakelin

Office Support
Email: info@dbf.co.nz
Phone: (09)  479 - 2909

Lesley has worked at Douglas B Foote Ltd for over 20 years as office support.  In that time she has helped thousands of customers with their enquiries,  phone calls, and accounts.  Working closely with the Office Manager and the Production Team, Lesley helps keep our Customers happy and the business moving.


Established 57 years ago, DBF is a family company that started its operations from a modest garage in Takapuna. Today DBF has grown to be the premium supplier of stainless steel hydraulic fittings in the industry. Servicing clients from a multitude of industries with our technical expertise, we are proud to be an official supplier of fittings to Emirates team NZ.

Quality & Reliability

SAE Compliant


Phone: +64 9 479 2909
Fax: +64 9 479 1109

8 Ascension Place
New Zealand